This is a quick guide on notes and basic information I think any wannabee perfumer or natural fragrance creator should know.

Think of it as a Perfumers 101 guide for those who want to use essential oils to create their own signature scents.


In developing the content for a talk on fragrance blending, I could find information on essential notes, and I could find information on the scent of each oil, and I could even find information on  the aromatic properties of an oil, but there was no comprehensive ist that provided all of that.


So I adapted the list I created for myself, added a few more notes on mixing and included the all important Latin binomials for all of the essential oils, and there you have it. One list that gives you all of the beginning information you need to start blending your own natural fragrances using essential oils.

Essential Oil Notes

  • A selection of books and guides to help usher you down that rabbit hole as your journey with essential oils and herbs begins.