Serene Sister!

Swans are amazing creatures. They look so calm and regal above the waterline, but they could be paddling to save their lives under neath and we would never know. If you feel anxious and nervous but want to keep that sense of regal serenity, then Serene Sister could be the help you need. 

This  blend contains a blend of rosewood for centering, vetiver to ease jangled nerves and relax tension,  ylang ylang to help counteract depression and bergamot to help boost mood.

And all of these essential oils are balanced in a base of brahmi oil (bacopa monnieri) in a base of sesame. Brahmi has been used in ayurveda to boost cognitive function as well as relieve stress. 

While this blend could easily be diffused in a room. the rollerball makes it easy to take with you for those times when everything suddenly gets on top of you and you need a bit of calm and serenity instead of a massive public freak out.

While the FDA prohibits me from making any claims or promises, the oils used in each of my handcrafted blends have been selected based on their recognized attributes in aromatherapy treatment. Each blend has between 3-5% essential oil concentration in a carrier oil and as such are not appropriate for use on children.


For external use only. 

10 ml (1/3 ounce) rollerball

Serene Sister - Aromatherapy Blend

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  • Brahmi infused sesame seed oil with rosewood, vetiver, ylang ylang t and bergamot esential oils