New Year, new start

Although I'm pretty flexible, sometimes I put off changing things because of the hassle. That's how I felt about my old website. I wasn't super pleased but I didn't have the time for a total revamp. So then I delegated, the changes, and although it was better, it still wasn't what I was going for. Then when I found a new designer who I was sure understood my remit a bit more, we discovered a number of problems, some from the host, and some possibly from the previous designer. It was then when I decided a change was long overdue. So, although I'm in the process of transferring and rewriting everything I hope this new site will be easier to access and provide a proper home for me to share my love of all things aromatic with you. After 2016, I think we could all use a fresh new start, so let's hold hands and dive in.

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