Practicing what I preach

When I fell down this rabbit hole that is aromatherapy and healing, I quickly learned the importance of a working knowledge of herbs and oils. Knowing a bit, and learning a bit more, I began laying a foundation so I could begin to maintain health, heal illness and treat injury in a more natural way.

What I didn't expect, was how quickly I would actually be pushing OTC products out of the way, to get my hands on herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Speaking of falling down a rabbit hole. Rewind to last Saturday.

I was leaving my fave brunch spot with my bestie when I nearly fell. Apparently walking and talking was a bit too much for me. Fortunately I didn't fall down the three steps of the restaurant, otherwise, with my hands full and unable to grab the railing, I would have done a spectacular face plant onto the pavement below.

I was falling. The woman watching me in slow motion knew I was falling, and then in an instant, I pulled some crazy surfer balance move and managed to pull myself upright (thank you Fat Girl yoga). I inhaled a sigh of relief, and then as I began walking to the car, felt my ankle begin to throb, and expand to twice it's size. By the time I came home, I was in pain and by the next morning, my ankle was in agony and I contemplated whether it was better to be embarassed by wetting myself or to try and crawl to the bathroom.

So what did I do? I ignored everyone who insisted I go to Urgent Care, as I knew it wasn't a break but a sprain as a result of rolling my ankle, but I did begin treating myself with Copaiba oil for swelling, mixed with birch for pain relief. Later I applied arnica cream for bruising and taking homeopathic arnica montana pastilles, internal swelling and trauma, and finally, as I was too incapacitated to go to the kitchen and make my own, Comfrey ointment.

Now I know there are those of you who would have limped off to Urgent Care, grabbed the anti-inflammatories and the pain killers and been done with it. Hey, no judgement, from me, but I have to tell you, doing it my way, I didn't have the stomach issues, ibuprophen usually causes, and by Monday my swelling was down enough I could walk (albeit with a cane) but the pain was 80% better and the although the bruising came in a ghastly midnight blue color, the arnica has reduced that several days on. More importantly I'm able to begin doing slow ankle rotations and wiper movement, which is an integral part of rehab and keeps your ankle from becoming rigid. I've got a week until vacation and although I doubt I['ll be ready to climb that defunct volcano in Tenerife, I should be able to manage the queues for flights, the walks on the beach and the shops on Oxford street.

And while I'm not saying avoid the doctor (because trust me, I don't and my GP

and I are on such terms that he teases me mercilessly about the aging process and why I only bring him handcrafted soap when my husband visits bearing homemade wine) but there is something to be said about knowing your body, and how you can work with nature to treat some ailments.

There are absolutely cases when you need A&E or Urgent Care or the Emergency Room, but some of us have become so divorced from folk remedies, from nature and from our own bodies that we need to find a way to reconnect and learn what we can do for ourselves.

Just because we can get someone to do just about anything for us, doesn't mean we should. Sometimes we need to take responsibility for ourselves and if you start small, you 'll be amazed what you can learn about being the guardian of your own health and wellness.

#Heath #healing #sprainedankle #birchoil #copaibaoil

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