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What's new and what's next.

One of the reasons I named my business Landed Gentress, was because I wanted a name to represent not only what my business was, but what it was going to be.

Owning land made me a member of the gentry by default, and feminizing"gentry" to "gentress" meant I was mistress of all I surveyed. Mine! My land, my vision, my attachment to the plants that grow and that connection to my lifestyle. I had plenty of people tell me I should name it something that related more to soap or essential oils, or something witty or catchy.

I nixed that idea and stayed the course. And now the vision is growing. Having already created my Essential Oil Notes on blending and selling it through Etsy, I've also published the play wot I wrote","What Are You?" via Amazon on Kindle. I'm currently working on a expanding the information I created and include in my smudge kit, to create a larger stand alone book for those that already have the smudging accouterments, but no idea how to use them. There are also plans for two other titles based on lesser known oils and the things I grow, make and do as part of each year here at Landed Gentress Headquarters.

And because I believe that using essential oils to heal is only part of the equation, I'm putting into practice my herbal studies and will be introducing a range of herbal teas. So when you think Landed Gentress, soap is just the beginning. Think of the long history humans have had with plants and herbs and soil, and our need for less electronic Facetime and more outdoor space time.

It's called the "ground" because it does just that, grounds us. It helps remind us who we are. It centers and heals and roots us, giving us sustenance and succor. What's next for me is honoring that by exploring all the wonderful gifts Mother earth offers, to tend and heal us, when we find the stressful, the chemical and the synthetic, severely lacking.

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