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Practicing what I preach-Getting it checked

If you watch me on Periscope, you know one of the things I preach is knowing your body, and being as proactive as you can about your health. I'm all about using herbalism, essential oils, diet and exercise to promote and preserve health, but I believe that should be in conjunction and integrated with modern Western medicine.

With the exception of aging knees and the pain of a torn meniscus, I'm in pretty good nick. My weight could be lower, but the last visits to the doctor have shown great blood pressure, no cholesterol problems and am so well hydrated, my blood zips up the phlebotomy vials when sampled.

And therein lies the problem. My last doctor's visit was over 2 years ago.

While I have a mammogram annually, and prophylactic dental cleanings four times a year, I've been remiss on seeing my GP. Logically I know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, yet I've still provided excuses about my busy schedule, and how I need to lose five more pounds before I go.

Then I had that Damascean moment, where like St. Paul, I saw the light and realized I can't promote wellness and natural health as an integrated part of that, if I'm not willing to see my own GP. After the age of 50 you can feel a million bucks while undiagnosed ailments, easily treated if caught early, are lurking.

Sure, I had a clean bill of health and my last colonoscopy and GYN exams were fine, if I don't getchecked regularly, I'm just as bad as that guy who at the age of 45 still lives off the past glory of making the touchdown that won the homecoming game. That was then this is now.

So, I'm calling the doctor this morning and making an appointment for a full physical. Mark, my GP will be pleased as it'll save him harassing my husband whose been in once or twice a year in the nearly three years I haven't. Will things have changed? Probably. Do I hope I still leave with my drug free health record in tact? Maybe not, (especially as it seem to be de rigeur to put everyone above the age of 50 on statins). But whatever happens, I'll be facing up to it, as I can't fix, cure or prevent anything, if I don't know what needs fixing, treating or monitoring.

So, don't wait until you're flat on a gurney, looking up at a doctor, to see one. Emergency Care costs far more than a GP appointment, and if you let a condition worsen, that high cost won't just be financial.

I'm making my appointment today. Are you?

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