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Spring is here......finally

Actually I'm not sure if it's spring or we're going to jet right into summer, having been in the 50s yesterday and set to hit the 80s tomorrow, but I think we're well beyond the last chance of frost so I've begun sowing seeds directly in pots outside.

And this spring I've introduced a number of new items in my shop. I've become obsessed with making what I call "Environmists". You see I can't eschew heavy perfumes and synthetic fragrances only to have them in the home, car and office. So these mists, made with essential oils can help change the fragrance of the room while also changing the vibrational tone of the room. That mood altering therapeutic ability doesn't exist in fragrance oils, so unless your wax melts, room deodorizers or candles have essential oils, that's not a property synthetic scents can bring to the table. Plus these can be worn as light fragrant mists that help calm you down, de-stress or soothe your soul. Yes, because this gal believes in multitasking all the way. And as the weather warms up, isn't it time to lighten up on that heavier scent?

These three new offerings under the line "Wholly No Smoke" come in space clearing mood altering scents: Smokeless Smudge, Ashram, and Take Me to Church (though we're ecumenical here so insert temple, mosque, fellowship hall, meeting house or place of meditation). Visit my Etsy site to read the specifics about each one.

Another thing I've been rather enamored with is moringa. As a lover of macha, I have no problem whisking a powder into a tea to drink, but I was blown away when I learned this plant is not only a super food but may be the solution to combat worldwide hunger and malnutrition. With 17x more calcium than milk, 15x more potassium than bananas, 4x more protein than eggs and 10x more vitamin A than carrots, I was curious. But when I learned it was also useful in fighting inflammation, works as a natural antibacterial, protects against cardiovascular issues, boosts immunity and may be helpful in fighting neuro-degenerative diseases, it immediately went into heavy rotation.

As I'm not big on supplements, I use the powder to make tea and whisk in the same way you would matcha to ensure your tea is fully mixed and lump free. But the powder, leaves, seeds and pods can also be used in a number of recipes. When I talked about this on Periscope, I promised I'd find and share a few recipes so those of you who hadn't tried it, could experiment with the plant in it's natural state, powder, seeds, pods (called drumsticks) or leaves, which can be used as a green similar to cabbage or spinach.

So visit the link below for a link for several recipes provided by Shape magazine and make an effort to start this season by spring cleaning your space (physically and emotionally) and making this the start of a healthier new you.

Spring is always a time of growth and renewal, so use it to your advantage.

Moringa Recipes

After the great

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