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In order to grab an opportunity, you need a free hand

When I began Landed Gentress nearly five years ago, I did it because I wanted to leave a job that was slowly killing me and because I wanted to make essential oil soap. I didn't want a soap that smelled good and did little else, I wanted to use my then, very limited knowledge to create soap that had the ability to lift moods or to ease pain or to soothe skin. Back then, few people were making handcrafted soap and even fewer with essential oils.

That, was five years ago. Since then I've learned loads more about essential oils, and to that began studying herbs, and even expanded my soapmaking knowledge by learning the SJHP/SBHP hot process soap method that allowed me to cut my list of ingredients and my cure time down to make a more holistic soap. But in that time, Periscope and streaming sites became available and while I held true to my mission statement, more people began making soap, in more beautiful patterns, or in scents that resembled well known perfumes. They used the platform to promote themselves, while dopey me, used it to educate people about essential oils.They grew and thrived essentially because they marketed hard and gave the people what they wanted, while I remained true to my desire to become the Urban Earthmother.

But as the Candyman, Sammy David Jr. once sang, "I gotta be me!" I want my products to foster a connection to nature, minimizing the additives with fragrances that come from essential oils and natural extracts. So instead of continuing to making a wide array of soap, I'm culling my collection to those people love and claim really help them, like Oatmeal Birch for pain and Baby's request which some have found helpful in treating rosacea, and Honey, Frankincense & Myrrh for sensitive skin.

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, but I do need to play to my strengths which means developing more treatment oil blends, herbal teas, balms and salves. So beginning Friday June 1st, all soap and sets that contain soap, are dropping to 50% off so I can de-stock, regroup and reset my shop, reducing the soap and increasing other items. Once they're gone, we'll restock only

about a dozen soap, some hot processed hard bars and some in the familiar rounds. Special orders will still be accepted and I'll continue to make products as per usual for sale by specific vendors. I love sheep, but I'm not one. And as I increase my knowledge of all things herbal and aromatherapy, I want to bring my passion about the oils and herbs to the table to enlighten and heal. I also believe keeping true to my vision will allow me to grasp new opportunities, but I need a free hand to do that. Sometimes what appears to be taking a step back, is what's required to move forward. In order to go to the next level, you have to know what your USP (unique selling point) is, and mine is not being a master soap maker, but combining my knowledge and continual study of herbalism and aromatherapy into products that make it easy for you to avail yourself of the healing power of herbs. Maybe that's not as sexy as the heady scents that waft out the door and brightly colored stacks of soap found in Lush, but I'm an herbal nerd and I'm not going to apologize for pursuing the healing path. Besides, in the zombie apocalypse, who are you saving first; the one that can make a pretty soap, or someone who can stem the bleeding and prevent sepsis from setting in?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I get pole position in that survival bunker.

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