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Well, the calendar says it's fall.

Fall has always been my favorite season. While many people prefer spring for its natural period of rebirth and bloom, or summer for holidays or even winter for skiing and the blanket of snow dons a magical cover over everything, I've always preferred the sunny autumnal days and the snap in the evening air that requires apple cider and reminds you to dig out that favorite scarf and have gloves at the ready.

I'm sure that's coming, but this extended summer is putting me off my A game. While it has given me a slightly longer harvest period for my tomatoes, basil and thyme, it's seemed almost too early to make winter necessities like Fire Cider or honey onion syrup to keep the dreaded lurgy at bay. 'm doing it anyway, because it's better to have your home apothecary stocked before you need it.

I've also been loading up the shop with more herbal items to help you and your family thrive during the change of seasons. From environmists like Counting Sleep-zzz to help you drift off more easily, to Plantain Salve wild harvested this summer,to create a natural salve that helps heal bites, scrapes, itches and scratches (because those mosquitoes are still nipping at my ankles each time I go outside) to Rosy Peach Elixir that can be used to cool emotions, psyche and bodies during stress and excessive heat and fight nausea or motion sickness for those that aren't fans of ginger, I've been as busy as a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter I know is coming, even if the temperature hasn't received the memo.

And don't forget to check back in the coming weeks as we began releasing gift sets and specialty soap for the holidays, Because no matter the current temperature, ready or not, the holidays are coming and we want you to celebrate....Naturally.

Shop NOW:

And so you have ample warning here's the list of upcoming holidays and links to help you brush up on each celebration.

Diwali begins November 7th

Hanukkah December 3rd

Bodhi Day, December 8th

Solstice December 21st

Christmas December 25th

Kwanzaa begins December 26th

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