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Let the Countdown begin

Sure, it seems to start earlier every year, and yes, Halloween is hardly over before the adverts with sugar cookies, evergreens and jolly 'ol St. Nick begin popping up. But for small and handcrafted businesses like myself, the ChrisKwanUkah season can make the difference between an okay and a phenomenal year.

So this year, I've decided to play Santa to a few of my maker friends by creating a downloadable holiday gift guide that promotes small businesses that make everything from food gifts to fashion, and jewelry to personal care items. And as I've a few friends that offer services, I've included them too. So if you've begun to eschew mall shopping and gifts from faceless luxury brand conglomerates and want to support small businesses, this guide will introduce you to folks who care about what they make, and the services they provide, and most importantly, about you as a customer.

The download will be available Tuesday November 20th, so you'll have ample time to review it over the Thanksgiving holiday and before the official start of the holiday shopping season Black Friday, So keep your eyes peeled, as if you're on my mailing list we'll send the link as soon as it's ready and if you're not, make sure to sign up today so this holiday you can surprise and delight the old fashioned way, with handcrafted and heartfelt gifts and personal services that can help create a fabulous new you for the new year.

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