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Soap saved me. I put in my resignation at a publishing company, and left one week shy of my 20th anniversary. I jumped ship without a new job and it was literally soap making and selling that kept me afloat.

I spent the year "between engagements" setting up my business as a entity and going to as many shows and craft fairs as I could afford. But as time went on, I realized that although I loved soap, the number of handcrafted soap makers was increasing. Many people made better soap than me, but many people also used ingredients I didn't. Because I chose to work essential oils and naturally derived fragrance oils, my costs were higher and I was being undercut.

So I had to reassess. In the process, I realized, I love herbs. I'm excited about them in a way I haven't been excited about anything in years. So I signed up for a course, began foraging and began using them to create new products. And as I began connecting with nature more deeply, I realized that soap was still important, but I wanted to offer a bar that did more than just clean and smell good. I began making bar for specific issues, like cleaning and soothing the hands of gardeners or multitaskers imbued with argan oil to wash hair, beards and bodies.

But like with any expansion, you have to narrow your vision, so I'm currently running a 50% clearance sale on all soap so we can clear our shelves and prepare to stock them with new offerings that provide more of what you want and less of what you don't.

Clearance Sale Starts July 20th.

#Newproducts #Sale

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