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DIY Herbal & Essential Oil Recipes

When you want to start making your own natural products but don't know where to start, these basic recipes lend themselves to zhuzhing to suit your needs.

DIY Simple syrup & mellite:

Use for medicinals, soft drinks or to flavor cocktails

DIY Wednesday

Make a decoction, an elixir and and electuary

DIY Muscle Rub

made with essential oils

DIY Body Lotion:

Quick Diy body lotion

DIY Body Butter

For stretch marks and scars

DIY Yarrow relief for tired and restless legs

While Yarrow essential oil (Achellia millefolium) can be expensive, making a liniment or infused oil of yarrow is easy and will still provide the natural benefits of yarrow. Yarrow is a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, helps to lower blood pressure, as well as reduce fever and treat an infection.


Infusions, with oil or alcohol:  You can infuse oil or create a liniment (alcohol infused with yarrow for topical use) with yarrow simply by placing dried yarrow in a clean and sterilized jar and topping with an oil of your choice, like jojoba or rice bran or sweet almond, or a high proof grain alcohol like Everclear.  Once you cover the dried yarrow, (I used 4 oz by volume) with the fluid of your choice, keep in a warm place for 4-6 weeks being sure to shake frequently to make sure the fluid fully absorbs and the herbal properties. Then simply strain and use. The oil can be used for self-massage while the yarrow liniment can be transferred into a spray bottle for ease of application.  


Lessen wait time by adding heat:  If you're looking for a quicker fix, then add heat. 


Quick hot processed massage oil:  If you gently heat your oil and then cook you dried yarrow gently in the oil, being careful not to burn it, you'll help to extract the benefits of the herb into the oil faster. Make sure to remove from heat as soon as you smell a toasty, nutty fragrance. Allow to cool, strain and store in a bottle with euro dropper or orifice reducer to keep oil from pouring out too readily. 



Quicker liniment: Unlike the quick method for oil, you don't want to add heat a high proof alcohol, but what you can do is boil yarrow in distilled water to make a strong tea. Once the tea has reached the desired strength, strain and add two parts tea to one part vegetable glycerin and one part alcohol ( e.g. 1 ounce tea, 1/2 glycerin, 1/2 ounce alcohol) The glycerin will allow the liniment to adhere to and penetrate the skin, while still allowing it to be dispensed through a spray bottle. 


Using oil or alcohol will give your blend a longevity (generally a year) but you can create these using distilled water or witch hazel  The longevity will be shortened without alcohol acting as a natural preservative, but your glycerine or hydrosol will extend the life somewhat, as will refrigeration. I would encourage you to make only what you need and use it quickly. If you see a color change, change in viscosity or an off odor, then please discard it.


Alcohol-free liniment: If you don't like using alcohol, you can make a version of the yarrow liniment by using simple distilled water and witch hazel.  Use the yarrow to brew a strong tea, and once it's achieved the desired color and strength, add two parts tea, one part witch hazel and one part glycerin( e.g. 1 ounce tea, 1/2 glycerin, 1/2 ounce witch hazell).  Blend thoroughly and dispense in a spray bottle. 











Recipe tag for Infused Vinegar

This infused vinegar can be used as a base for a number of home cleaners.

Simply strain off as needed. Replenish infusion jar by topping off  the remainder with more white vinegar and spices like citrus peel, cinnamon sticks, clove, thyme)

Window, Glass & Mirror cleaner:

Add 1 cup of infused vinegar and 1 cup water to spray bottle. Use to clean mirrors, windows works particularly well with a lint free cloth or crumpled newspaper. 












If you watched my video on making and gifting infused vinegar, below are simple instructions you can copy and print out to include with your gift.

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