How I started

 So she began to experiment with different types of essential oils. After much trial and error, she created a bar she liked and made loads. Then as friends used the soap in her home, they too began requesting it, first in lavender, then in other fragrances. Then people began asking if she could make a gentle soap that would be kind to skin when the commercially made soaps were leaving their skin, tight and itchy. And she did.

Eventually she thought soap making could save her from a corporate job she was loathing more each day. So, one week before her 20th anniversary at a large publishing company, she left, with no job, just a thought that “there had to be something better than this”, and a dream to make herself and others happy, one bar of soap at a time.




Once upon a time a girl with a mad passion for England, was saddened when her favorite English lavender soap was no longer available in the US. Although she could still find it in the UK, it was a bit silly to drag suitcases full of soap from Britain to Philadelphia just to fill that need. Having been taught by her southern grandmother how to make soap the old fashioned way (think lard and a kettle in the back garden) she discovered times had changed and between hot process soaps made in the crock pot and melt and pour bases, she could make soap much more easily in her own kitchen.

As she was developing a business plans, her cousins bought her a plot of land in Scotland. Along with this small plot came the ability to  legally use the title Lady, and as a nod to the historic title for the land owners in Britain, she named her business Landed Gentress.

Since the launch her passion for all things aromatic has increased,  she began to study Aromatherapy, and began adding other aromatherapy items to her line. She’s still positively mad about soap, but using her knowledge of essential oils has helped her introduce aromatherapy to the wider world, in an easily accessible format; one bar of soap at a time.

Number: 484-LG-OILS-4 


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