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How I Started

Hi I'm Lady Danni, and for those of you who are just joining me, thank you very much for finding me and following me. Appreciate that! Whenever new people follow me, I kinda wonder what they expect, but here's what you're going to get, and that is just somebody that loves weeds.

Now, I came into this a little bit later in life. I started on this path as I was becoming more and more disgruntled at work, I started to do a few things with my soap making, and that lead into aromatherapy, which lead to herbalism and then I started foraging and this is where I am now. And where is that? Basically it's a process where I keep learning about the benefits of things you're generally stepping over, or ripping out and just calling weeds. You see, just because you call something, something, doesn't mean that's what it is.And people underestimate weeds, or if there's no information about a certain plant, will say that has no value. And it may have great value, you're just not aware of it.


So that's what I do. I am constantly looking at things people call weeds, trying to find out what's medicinal, what's edible and how they can be used because as the Romany people used to say, a plant that grows prolifically, is a virtuous plant indeed. Besides weeds are like underdogs, and I've always been supportive of the underdog. And if you're a Philly girl like me, you know "an underdog is a hungry dog".


Thanks, Jason Kelce! 


And finally, I just want to say... foraging and herbalism is for EVERYBODY. I especially would like to encourage BIPOC people because it's a group that generally has not been exposed to foraging or herbalism. These are things that are great grandparents knew, but with migration north from plantations, or to the US from other parts of the world, the knowledge was lost along the way, so it's especially important for me to help those people reconnect with the nature world. But I want to learn about "weeds" whether from a Native American, Jamaican or Appalachian tradition.


I'm just here to share the plants,And if a post or product, or video isn't centered on you or your particular tradition, it's not it's not that it's against you, it just means that I'm encouraging other people to join the party as well. It's an ecumenical plant party. If you get that, Welcome!!! And if not, feel free to move swiftly along, but thanks all the same for stopping in.

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