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Tarragon oil can be used for digestive issues caused by emotions

Herbal Bits and Pieces

A place for snippets of info you may not know about herbs and essential oils.


Chinese Medicine uses over 10 types of angelica to promote fertility and treat female disorders.

With it's high oil content Amyris was called "candlewood" because it burns like a candle making it a good torch.

A 5% solution of Teatree can kill MRSA in 6 hours.

Diffusing rose oil can relieve domestic strife.

Rosemary can be inhaled to enhance memory

Cypress can calm grief and sense of loss.

Petitgrain can enhance memory recall

Tamanu oil is both emollient and has anti-inflammatories to soothe raw &  chapped skin and shingles 


Drinking thyme tea can help ease respiratory issues. 


Juniper oil can help relieve swelling in the ankles and edema. 


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