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When I think of change, three things come to mind, and all of them are somewhat cliché. But the reasons things become cliché is there is a modicum of truth to them.

The first is, "The only thing constant, is change."

And it's true. Even if you decided to hunker in the bunker, only to reemerge like Kimmy Schmidt, is the world will have carried on without you. It changes, even if you can't or won't.

The second is when Steve Martin, in My Blue Heaven, discusses the difficulty humans have with change

"Sometimes in order for a human being to change, you have to change from the outside in".

This taps in to the fake it till you make it storyline, but again, there is some truth in it.

When I was leading a tour for the Flower Show, there were maps, floral designers and just basic information about the park, which had been absent, but which I added, as I'm a local. Once all of my notes were ordered, I kept them on the thing that screams authority....a clipboard. But not just any clipboard, a mini A5 sized one with a botanical motif. Authority needs pizzazz. And with that and a warm good morning, they believed and trusted in me as their fabulous and learned tour guide.

And I was.

Finally, words of wisdom as spoken by the Disney star turned bad ass, turned smokin' Santa, Kurt Russell in Captain Ron.

"If anything's gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there."

And this is pretty much why even if you're not a fan of change, you have to go for it.

Much of the time when people don't work well with change it's either because they fear it, or they're comfortable where they are. Changing the status quo, rocking the boat, rebel rousing; all of that takes a bit of pushing yourself.

But I'll tell you a secret; half of what you worry or fear isn't grounded in reality.

And while you're hesitating, people with less brains, potential or talent than you, are out doing it.

So, as we begin to wind down the year, and wonder if we're in for a colder and snowier winter I hope you'll plan, commence and enjoy the changes, both without and within you.

At the Landed Gentress hub, having completed the website update, we're working on new templates for Instagram, new products and a bit more. Because change doesn't always meaning abandoning who you are, it can also mean making sure there's alignment, so what you're projecting is a more accurate depiction of what you represent.

And any change that promotes growth and clarity, is definately a good thing.

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